In Sean Waters ebook Canvas, you will find a gallery of realistic mentalism for group showings and for etching lasting memories with the most powerful form of mentalism — one on one. Sean introduces a new method to introduce yourself to complete strangers and already know their name; the way a real mind-reader would. This is no washroom eavesdropping. Sean provides a re-constructed manner to predict a series of numbers (and reveal what they mean). This improvisational method can be used anywhere and at any time. Sean has sculpted two ESP symbol presentations that will devastate any onlooker (one requires having purchased the original work). These two presentations cause Sean to overflow with pride, with their abundance of craftiness. Sean ensures you that this will please even the most hardened of critics — yourself. You will learn to sense words that people are thinking, by feeling the slightest finger movement (little does your helper know, he can do the same). Sean also provides an "out of of the box" solution for a card routine that surpasses the most stringent of conditions: a deck of cards is truly mixed, at no point in the presentation is the deck touched by the performer, he is not present when the card is selected and there is no pre-show work nor any special cards. Yet, the performer can reveal the card. Improbable: yes, Impossible: no. Canvas in teeming with routines for group and intimate performance ideas to enhance methods you already use. Sometimes the slightest brushstroke makes all the difference. You'll see.





  1. RNG – Nothing is random
  2. Seeing Stars – A dizzying demonstration with ESP Symbols
  3. Big Brother – We know who you are
  4. Eternally Jung – An audience member taps into the collective subconscious
  5. Framework
  6. Nomenclature – Control the language, control the world
  7. Blunted Effect – Infallibly reveal emotions
  8. Chaos Theory – There is a method behind the madness
  9. Whispers – You can hear the thoughts of others
  10. Random Sample – An ongoing group experiment
  11. Catalyst – an infusion of power for “Reversal”
  12. Rhine & Roses – A personal handling of Jeff Pierce's Telepa-Three
  13. Playing the Numbers
  14. Golden – A bass-ackward game of Charades
  15. Head and Shoulders – A presentation of tactile sensitivity
  16. Unwritten – The most powerful memories are those yet to be made




"10 out of 10"

Julien Losa

"Splendid and well thought out ebook... he has also written one of the very best sentences in any mentalism book."

Ian Dunford

"Having my mind blown and expanded already.  Sean is a genius.  Not kidding here."

Ben Blau

"Canvas is a fantastic ebook.  My favorite of Sean's to date.  That is saying something because I love all his work!"


"Canvas is an excellent book"

Ted Gilliam

"Canvas: Great thinking, engaging presentations and beautifully put together."

Andy Kannon

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