Contemplations is an 100-page PDF ebook, which contains seven routines, five essays and a "bonus" ideas section. In this lengthy ebook, you will learn how to affect the mind-body connection, solve crimes with your mental abilities, teach people how to access their subconscious clock (with a wristwatch) and how to control people's minds with three words. The secrets of "real" mind reading with dollar bills and the ability to use your fingertips to sense the colors of playing cards, are revealed. Most importantly, there are a number of essays that challenge us to think about the plausibility of our routines, how to improve rapport and that include practice techniques befitting a mentalist. I am truly proud of these ideas and I am confident that you will be pleased. That is my sincere hope.


Reflexology - An intimate illusion

Horseshoes & Hand-Grenades – Thoughts on missing

The Sands of Time - An experiment in para-conscious awareness

The DC Technique - A method for improving rapport

Elementary - An after dinner mystery

Landscape Architecure – Use what you've got

Hand Out - A handy prediction

Manchurian Candidate – Control minds with just three words

As if – The mentalist's tool

Illuminati - A delightfully pure effect with a dollar bill

Regarding Rope – A parable

Beyond Touch – A perfectly structured color sensing routine

The Extra Mile - Bonus material


Sean's work is always strong, practical, and commercial. It doesn't matter what you buy from him--you'll find it to be useful, usable, real-world stuff of the highest caliber
— Scott F. Guinn, Magician, Creator and Author

Sean's creativity and obvious passion for the art of mentalism is clearly evident. The purchasers of this well-written manuscript will love the thought-provoking essays that are supported by a strong selection of fresh ideas and routines. These presentations are not only baffling for your guests but are also enjoyable to perform. Already, I have applied principles from these effects to my resort performances. Sean Water's "Contemplations" is a wise, smart buy.
— Mick Ayres, Performer and Creator

This is a great book with great thinking. 
— Gregory Arce, Creator, Author, Performer

This is another book I really loved to read. It's full of ideas, tips, essays and VERY STRONG effects . . . All in classic "Sean Waters' style".
— Paolo Cavalli, Creator, Author, Performer

This is wonderful, I will read and re-read it to fully digest the material. Incidentally, I never read things twice.
— Andrew Gerard, Hypnotist and Creative Consultant (for Criss Angel and Keith Barry)

Works such as Sean's are responsible for the widening divide between magic and mentalism.
— Jim Callahan, Performer

When Sean writes I read.
— Timothy Hyde, Performer and Author

No contemplation necessary – this is a must-have
— Boyd Blackwood

If you liked Sean's previous books, you will LOVE "Contemplations".

Sean's presentation is what makes these pieces powerful,almost a touch of hollywood when it comes to his creativity….Almost jedi-like in how Sean's pieces play out! This ebook contains information,methods,presentational ploys,subtleties and ideas that you will use
— Pete Carroll, Performer

Contemplations is among my best buy of this 5 last years !
— Christophe, Performer

If you're looking for mentalism with a strong psychological bent, this eBook is worth far more than your attention. My highest recommendations
— Engali-Forum Member

Sean's style is gentle and understated, but it's thoughtful, and there's a lot to it. It's well put together, interesting to read, and I would unhesitatingly recommend 'Contemplations'.
— Muse-Forum Member

Sean Waters material rides at the top of Mentalism's 'New Wave'..
— Bob Cassidy -Performer, Author and Co-Founder of the P.E.A.

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